Friday, August 29, 2008

Liveblogging at its best..

The Macbook Pro that ive been bragging about is finally in my possession! and i am now going mobile and blogging to you live from Starbucks somewhere in the busy town of Singapore. Went for yet another casting session which was conducted at the NTU Alumni Club near Buona Vista and this time there were not many who turned up as it was predicted since countless sessions have been carried out and safe to say that we've covered almost 60% of the Singapore population. We normally engage models or those who are experienced with a pleasant look to come for the audition, some came equipped with talents and some came with nothing but big boobs and pretty face to flaunt. Funny that sometimes when i read lines with them, you get this feeling that these "mannequins" should just stick to print ads or cover page of a magazine. :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

i aint messin' with him..

Its been months now ever since i started going to my neighborhood gym and it takes alot to get yourself in shape. Determination and hardwork is one of them because without those 2, youll be wasting your time and not to mention, money. i visited a fitness centre couple days back and i got myself these babies..

Its the Kettlers gloves for heavy lifting. It helps protect your palm from blisters and with the cushion pads, you wont have to worry about skin problems. ok that may sound abit feminine-y but im tellin ya, those gloves work wonders and they help you lift those dumbells with ease, so say goodbye to blisters!

After months of intensive workout, ive finally made to a point where "look good, feel good" is not just a mere statement. feel good, look good certainly has a new uplifted meaning now. well you know what i mean..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm proud to announce that my short film will be showcased this Saturday in Andheri West, INDIA!! *Drum roll* its the moment ive been waiting for, the moment where creative minds come together to this meaningful event to present their skills in storytelling.. to much dissapointment since im unable to make myself present at the event so i do hope to get a good write-up. Below is the email i received from the founder of SHAMIANA, and the listing of participants including their entries. Please note that there's a small mistake in my entry, it was supposed to be Malaysia as for country im representing and where it was shot. Scroll down for more details.

Hey chief,
We're scrng your movie on the 23rd at D-Ultimate, for the SHAMIANA scrng!!!
And the snap of your movie is coming in teh papers tom. onwards...
Will keep you posted... take care :)


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SHAMIANA marches ahead and presents it's second edition of the suburban chapter this Saturday.

With a tale of innocence in Mexico, a docu on the mill-land issues in Bombay and a student film from Singapore, it's pouring shorts @ SHAMIANA this weekend !!


Cyrus Dastur(Founder, SHAMIANA)

Date: 23rd August, Saturday
Time: 6.30 pm onwards...
Venue: D-Ultimate, Andheri West
(close to Fun Republic Cinema)
Entry: Rs. 100/-

!! Support Us to Support Good Cinema !!

The SHAMIANA line-up

A story about a contract killer who has a young woman coming to his house one day... and a series of shocking "co-incidences" are unleashed!

Dir: Niraj Kumar Mishra
Dur: 15 mins
Country: India

2) PIRATES OF THE GUTTER(part Animation)
An interesting look at the life of the creatures who rule the gutter! Part animation, a very cute film.

Dur: 10 mins.
Dir: Christina Schindler
Country: Germany

A very funny tale about a man who wanders here and there to attend his "nature's call" early in the morning. Just one of the 700 million peoples in India who start their day this way !!

Dir: Tariq Mohd
Dur: 3 mins
Country: India

4) NINA QUE ESPERA (Little Girl Waiting)
A cute film about a young girl who meets two strangers at an airport and changes their lives for ever.

Dir: Esteban Reyes
Dur: 11mins
Country: Mexico

A woman’s struggle to save her marriage.
A student film from Singapore.

Dir: Jufy Joop
Dur: 7 mins
Country: Singapore

The film tries to explore and document the last of mill workers in the city, as they try to understand and live through the globalized vision of ‘development’.

Dir: Sanika Prabhu
Dur: 12 mins
Country: India

(The order of the films screened may be different. The line-up may be subject to change due to technical reasons.)


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost & Found..

Go on, hit that ball sweetheart..

The clock struck 11pm as many Singaporeans would put on their PJ's and get ready to count them sheeps.. but it just doesn't work for me.. i'd join those sheeps and leap over that fence with my gear on and get myself some good entertainment. well at least that's how my body works for me..

like gym would even try to stop me.. well it couldn't.. wont let it..

so we (with housemates) played a few games of pool or billiards whichever you kids call it these days. the game ended at 2am with a trophy in my hand.. haha naah that'll come later when i start counting my sheeps.. haha but we were pretty good on that 2 on 2 match. good enough to make one of us restless that night thinking about the match haha. will look forward to his good comeback..

Just as i thought i've lost it completely, as it left no trace in my head where i might have dropped it or chucked it. But to much relief, it came prancing back to me haha the old gentle shopkeeper lady was kind enough to hand it back to me as i was getting my hands on a bread from the shelf.

Shopkeeper: Did you lose something?..

Jufy: (Surprised to know that she can read my mind).. Yes i did..

Shopkeeper: *Testing*.. What color is it?..

Jufy: White! In a leather casing!..

She then took it out from beneath the counter..

I couldn't hold back the excitement.. well you get the picture.. the cheek to cheek grin like someone stuck a hanger in my mouth, like i just found the oasis and trying hard to squeeze a word out but it just wont come out kinda face..

the conversation went on, i was in a not-myself-joyous tone, people were staring, i was so hyped out as if i was on steroids..

*sigh in relief*..

my white PSP..

(OK i may have exaggerated a little bit, but the relief was real!)

On another joyous note, my film has already reached India and will be screened soon at SHAMIANA.. yay on that..

Any of you kids would want to send in your films? holla me up and I'll hit you with the details..